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Harem Longs - Pastel Flowers

Harem Longs - Pastel Flowers

$19.50 AUD


Autumn is quickly sneaking up and will be upon us before we know it.

Our beautiful flower harem long pants silky to touch and oh so comfortable. they are perfect as a casual pair of pants but can also be dressed up with an appropriate shirt or sweater. They go perfect with any of our Autumn dribble bib sweaters Tee's.


* It's made from comfortable material so its obviously comfortable :)

* They can be put in a washing machine and then thrown in a dryer for convenience. 

* They are made from cotton and are breathable.

* They are made from a light weight fabric so are perfect for the days which are a bit cooler before winter hits.

* We employ Australian seamstresses to create our quality products.

These gorgeous and comfortable pants will not only turn heads but will help create a gorgeous Autumn outfit.

* 100% Australian made

* 100% Ethically made