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Toilet Training Underwear - Blue Icecreams

Toilet Training Underwear - Blue Icecreams

$9.90 AUD

Need a solution for toilet training your toddler? These  training underwear includes a waterproof layer which avoids having to go through the stress of running for the toilet before they have an accident on the shopping centre floor. They are light weight and comfortable to wear.

Key Benefits:

* Saves cleaning up puddles on the tiles and carpet.

* Helps to save the environment by not using disposable training nappies.

* Saves you buying disposable pull ups and saves you money. 

* Saves embarrassment of accidents in public.

* It will still feel wet to them so they are still learning the correct way.

* They don't look overly bulky (so they can still fit into their clothes). 

* This design is only available in size 18-24 months. 


This item will be shipped within 2 days after orders are made. 

* Fast International Shipping.

* if your child is large for their age please be aware they may need a larger size. 

They are an imported product.

Colours and styles may vary depending on availability.