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Long Sleeve Onesie - Mustard

Long Sleeve Onesie - Mustard

$29.90 AUD


We love cotton onesies! They keep our babies warm while still creating a breathable cosy outfit.

But why waterproof the front? Well we all know how painful and horrible teething is. So why not waterproof the front panel and save their little chests from getting cold from soaked clothes and irritated from those nasty dribble rashes.


* Your teething child will no longer wake up in wet clothes, because these bib onesies have a waterproof front panel.

* No more washing multiple outfits a day just to try and keep your baby dry and happy.

* It's made from comfortable material so its obviously comfortable :)

* The BPA free polyester plastic layer moves with your child and doesn't irritate or make moving difficult.

* If your child is in kindy they last all day, so no need to send extra clothes.

* Feeding your little grubblet cannot be easier and the best thing is you don't have to put on a bib that they will just try to rip off anyway.

* They can be put in a washing machine and then dried in a dryer for convenient washing. 

* When sleep time comes along, it's just a matter of a bottle and a kiss and maybe a nappy change ;) and its straight to bed. No struggling with your child to get a sleeping outfit on.

* We employ Australian seamstresses to help create our products.

* FREE shipping for purchases over $70

SIZING:Our sizing is generous so if your child is petite we recommend choosing one size down.

* 100% Australian made

* 100% Ethically made