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Bum Bums - Flowers

Bum Bums - Flowers

$15.00 AUD


These little stunners are a pair of bum bums that will turn heads. They are perfect as a casual pair of pants but can also be dressed up with a complementing pair of tights.. They go perfect with any of our Autumn dribble bib sweaters and Tee's ;)


* It's made from comfortable material so its obviously comfortable :)

* Are gorgeous on their own or teamed with some ribbed tights to create a warmer outfit.

* They can be put in a washing machine and then thrown in a dryer for convenience. 

* They are made from 100% cotton and are breathable.

* We employ Australian seamstresses to create our quality products.

These gorgeous and comfortable bum bums will not only turn heads but will help create a gorgeous Autumn outfit.

* 100% Australian made

* 100% Ethically made